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Signor Rossi

Signor Rossi
zoom imageSignor Rossi 

Signor Rossi

Signor Rossi
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Signor Rossi was an Italian-made cartoon (1975-1978) from Bruno Bozetto consisting of 3 serieses of 12 episodes each. The cartoons told of the adventures of Signor Rossi and his doggy pal Gastone and their quest for happiness in all manner of places (and times) such as the Stone Age, the Middle Ages and the future, encountering all kinds of characters including Zorro, Tarzan, Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes, Alladin and many more. The music from Franco Godi (aka "Mr. Jingle" -- from his advertisting music) perfectly conveys the playfulness and light-hearted adventures, using a variety of styles and signatures. Godi was a master at creating melodies that were instantly memorable, and never forgotten. New versions of these songs were recorded for English and German audiences, and are still hummed by young and old today. Franco Godi, a native of Milan, after working initially for Radio Firenze, is still active today as a successful music producer for advertising and pop. When setting the full-length Signor Rossi series to music, he assembled a group of outstanding speakers, singers and musicians, who, in the mercilessly catchy song "Qua Qua Qua," for example, provide a scintillating demonstration of their vocal skills. Further highlights include the cannibal song "Bu Bu Buana Bu" with its jungle-y lyrics written by Godi himself, and the crisp, sitar-scented "Tutankamen Cha Cha Cha." Since 1962, Franco Godi has come up with what must be a record-breaking number of advertising tunes written for companies such as Kodak, Tuborg, for sundry Fiat models or for Fernet Branca, earning him -- along with a little extra pocket money -- the title of "Mr. Jingle." Godi also worked with Bozzetto and Manuli on other serieses, and with Osvaldo Cavandoli on his classic La Linea. The CD booklet depicts the finest scenes from the series, accompanied by in-depth liner notes authored by Ron Gissori, about the diminutive gentleman in his red attire.
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